Bluegrass Country

great food – great atmosphere!

If you’re ever in Bardstown, KY, check this place out. It’s beautiful, and full of history. We stopped through there on one of our trips in 2009, and although we didn’t actually stay in this bed & breakfast, we just had to get a few photos. While we were busy taking pictures, we were also busy taking in lunch at Old Talbot Tavern.

lovely decor


Below is a close-up of the sign sitting on the mantle in the picture above:


This place had a fireplace on both sides of the door!  With fireplaces that pretty, we just HAD to have our picture taken in front of one.

Lunch was good, but it took quite awhile to get served. The prices were fairly reasonable, and the young man who took care of our table was nice. I’ve read some reviews of this place recently; although there seemed to be more bad than good reviews, I have to say our experience was quite pleasant overall.  I guess it’s a personal thing. We loved it.

The outside of the building is as lovely as the inside. I absolutely LOVE old buildings, and brick sidewalks, and beautiful landscaping around the buildings. It makes them seem so much more elegant.

waiting for hubby to take some pictures

We really enjoyed our visit here, and met some very nice folks.  This fellow was walking down the street as we came outside, and when he saw my camera, he stopped and posed for me.

This fellow saw my camera and stopped to pose for me. I thought that was a nice gesture!

As you can see from his drink, he was not a patron of the restaurant we’d just visited.  I didn’t let that bias me – anyone who willingly poses for a complete stranger to take his picture can eat anywhere he wants!!

Another stop on our trip was at famous Ft. Knox. It was quite fascinating, even though they wouldn’t allow us to take pictures of where they keep all that gold.  At least we could see a model of it!  Hmmm…I wonder if that tiny model has tiny gold bars in it?  Nah.

But we could take all the pictures we wanted of the tanks and other artillery – which I promptly proceeded to do. But be careful…heed the posted warnings and don’t get in trouble! Jes’ sayin’……

big boy toys

pay attention to parking lot rules. lesson learned.

After leaving Bardstown and Ft. Knox (yes, they did take pity on us and let us go – and did NOT execute us), we thought we’d go look the little town of Berea over.  Berea College is beautiful, as is Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant. I love this elegant, historical building.

Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant

just one of the many beautiful rooms at Boone Tavern Hotel

a view of the formal dining area upstairs

This tavern isn’t a tavern in the usual sense of the word, as Berea is situated in a dry county. It’s run by Berea College, and the students work there in various capacities. Students at Berea are required to work a certain number of hours per week as part of their schooling. This, I think, is a wonderful and very sensible idea. Here’s a little info regarding this school, which can be found on their website:

Berea College is distinctive among institutions of higher learning. Founded in 1855 as the first interracial and coeducational college in the South, Berea charges no tuition and admits only academically promising students, primarily from Appalachia, who have limited economic resources.  Berea’s cost of educating a student exceeds $23,000 per year.

Now, folks, I don’t know about YOU, but I find this singularly inspiring! Having grown up in Appalachia, I am proud to claim this as my alma mater.  And I’m equally proud of the way the school has been maintained over the years, even though some things I loved have changed and are now gone. No matter – that’s life.  Things change.

My old dorm was just as beautiful (in my eyes) as when I was a student there.  No…not in 1959 – that’s when the dorm was built!

see that really light window on the top floor? MY ROOM!

The student center/cafeteria showed the biggest changes, but it’s still a great building.  While a student, I worked at Boone Tavern and in the Alumni Office, which is situated inside the student center.  Both were fun places to work!  And, besides teaching me some very helpful social skills, my time here also instilled in me a God-honoring work ethic.  Do you get the feeling I love this college?  You’re right!!

looking from a nearby dorm towards Seabury, just past the student center (below, right foreground)

fountain near the student center – wasn’t there when I was a student

Only one more picture of the college buildings – how can I limit myself?? I must be strong! Only one more, I promise.  There are no ugly buildings here, so the choice for this last picture was really hard.


There was so much more of this trip that I could share.  Maybe another day.  


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