A Lazy Man’s Travels

Some people are just. plain.


No way around it. It’s true.  And it even shows in their travel habits, or lack thereof.  To a lazy person, the best mode of travel is through someone else.  No particular interest is shown in getting up off the couch and going out that door, getting in that vehicle – or on it, in the case of a bicycle or motorcycle – and actually, physically, EXPERIENCING the great outdoors.

Nope, the great indoors calls to a lazy person.  The TV set, the computer, videos . . . anything that can be done from the couch with a drink in one hand and a remote in the other.

Do you agree with this statement?  If not, why not?

Are you a lazy traveler?   If so, why??

Really – I want to understand this.  What would make second-hand travel so much more inviting than first-hand?


Talk to me.

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