The Wanderers

We’ve got it – the Wanderlust! And I’m thinking it may become a habit, this weekly wandering down the old back roads of our minds. Or…maybe the old back roads of MY mind — whatever — back roads are fun to travel down, be they past, present, or future. And boy, have we been down some back roads!!!

dirt roads are so much fun to explore

But we’ve been down some major highways too, and we love both modes of travel. This particular road trip was mainly in British Columbia and Alberta, by way of Washington, Idaho, and parts south. But I’ll only share *some* of the thousands (literally) of photos I took.  What’s that?? Oh…well, you’re welcome!

The beauty of the Lord’s creation never ceases to move us and fill us with wonder. Exploring the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies was especially awe-inspiring – there were times when I felt like I should be on my knees, praising the Lord for His majesty and for the breathtaking glory of Himself, revealed in a tiny part through what we were witnessing around us.

As we walked around Moraine Lake, I spotted this little tree actually growing right out of the rock. Amazing.

Look…a tiny tree growing out of a rock in the Canadian Rockies. This really rocks!

My very first view of Lake Louise was on a gray, overcast day, and it still took my breath away, it was so beautiful.  I knew there was a reason that water was such a gorgeous color, so I looked in Wikipedia to see if I could find some information. Here’s a bit of what I found:

The emerald colour of the water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the glaciers that overlook the lake. The lake has a surface of 0.8 km2 (0.31 sq mi) and is drained through the 3 km long Louise Creek into the Bow River.

Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how the Lord planned all this? I mean, this didn’t just “happen” all by itself, people!!

Lake Louise on a cloudy day

even with the mountains hidden behind clouds, it was breathtaking

It was hard to catch the full impact of this scene with my camera, which was not a really high-tech, expensive one. But it captured enough to get a feeling for the majestic beauty of this lake and the mountains surrounding it.

Traveling to Banff was a special treat, too. Miles and miles of road, with just the beauty of nature around us. I would go again in a heartbeat, even with the atrocious gas prices! This bear was minding its own business, munching away and totally NOT people-watching. I don’t think he even noticed the crowd of oglers and cameras focused in on his afternoon meal.

it’s a bear! it’s a bear!

Naturally, we had to take the Gondola lift thingy at Banff, since we were in the tourist mode. At the top, there were these goats people-watching. True story. I’m convinced their legs are shorter on one side so they can walk around the mountains…but then…they’d never be able to go the other way, would they? OK, scratch that – they just LOOKED like they were shorter.

As we walked around Lake Louise, this little fellow scampered along on the rock by the path…just watching us.

me local, you tourist

We stayed at Deer Lodge while we visited Lake Louise. I just had to take this picture as we enjoyed the hot tub. The sky was just . . . well . . . you know. Yup. Gorgeous.

as the sun went down


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