Deer Lodge

There was so much about that one trip to Banff, Lake Louise, and other parts of Canada that would not fit comfortably into one post, so I decided to just tell a little bit of the story at a time, kinda like bite-sized pieces. Works for me!

Deer Lodge – a great experience!

You can see Mt. Fairview from Deer Lodge

We especially enjoyed our stay at Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, as I’d mentioned before, in this post. It’s an old hotel with no elevators! Luckily I had the stamina to climb a few stairs. Our room was “quaint,” as some might consider it. It was small, but very comfortable.

stepped out the door to get this shot of the tiny bedroom

we weren’t looking for ornate, just comfortable – obviously, the maid had not yet appeared on the scene

the closet – the room had all the amenities necessary to a good night’s sleep

The view was wonderful, no matter what window we looked out. The dining room was quite beautiful, I thought. And, I tried food I’d never tried before. That’s part of the whole experience, for me – I guess you could say it was a palatable adventure!  I discovered I’m not all that fond of elk. Hubby said his caribou was good. Everything else was delicious, and the taste of elk would probably grow on me if I had it often enough. Well worth the experience, though, no matter what I thought of that first exposure.

part of the dining area

I was trying to capture the view out the windows…didn’t quite get it, but close!

a closer look at the view from the dining area

I enjoyed the sitting area of the hotel. The sun was shining through so beautifully, but it made some of the pictures a little dark as I didn’t really want to use the flash very much.

another hotel guest enjoying the morning paper

very interesting ceilings and lights, I thought – window detail was washed out though, so I tried a different exposure on another shot.

The only way to capture this window detail was with no flash – made the rest of the picture pretty dark! That’s OK – all I wanted was the window anyway.

We just loved the hot tub, too, with its view of Victoria Glacier. I thought it was wonderful that we were the only ones using it while we stayed there. It made me feel like they reserved it just for us! I would recommend Deer Lodge if you want a really fun experience and a great meal.

Hot tub steam in front, snow covered mountains in back, my honey by my side. Life is beautiful.


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