To Deer Lodge – And Beyond!

Well, I think the saying actually has more to do with to infinity, and beyond – but who’s keeping score on misquotes?? 🙂
I’ve always wanted to use that phrase in some fashion, so here was my chance. I feel so much better about myself now.

Well, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can move on. And move on we did – from Deer Lodge to Banff and that wonderful view from the top of the gondola. But before we got there, I had to get a picture of this – I’d actually never seen a deer crossing like this before. Well, I didn’t actually see a deer crossing . . . I just saw the place where he COULD cross if he wanted to.

the crossing for educated deer

OK . . . now on to Banff!

Banff Springs Hotel – big . . . really, really big

This was taken from the gondola – so that tells you how big that hotel is! We never got a chance to go inside it, as we were heading out that same day. Maybe, Lord willing, we’ll get another chance to come back and check this place out. But – we had a load of fun just seeing all that gorgeous scenery, which was way more fun than seeing the inside of a building, no matter how ornate.

looking out over the side of the car

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s even more breathtaking in person! I think the other people in the car got really, really tired of the constant, “Oh my goodness – look at that! Oh wow! That’s gorgeous! Oh my – honey, can you believe the beauty? Oh, look at that!” I mean, I was Tilly the Tourist through and through!! But that’s what road trips are all about, right? Having a blast and enjoying every minute?? That’s my take on the whole process, anyway. I had to get pictures of the other cars, and the rails, and the whole works. Yup, I was having a ball – that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

ridin’ the rails

hey, I can see the car down there!

even the cars were interesting – look at that detail!

OK, so we’re at the top, right? And what do we see? Remember the little goat from before? Well, the whole family was there to greet us!

here’s my mama . . . she’s kinda shy

ragged, hungry mama . . . curious papa

ragged lookin’ papa

The view from the top was really beautiful, from all angles.

Canadian flag

another beautiful scene

Well, anyway, it was a great trip, and we were off to other parts of Canada and then on to Idaho and Washington. Fun times.

no good tourist trip is complete til ya get a picture by the bus!


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