Just Can’t Wait to Get Back on the Road Again!

On the road again…

I love the sound of that. One of my dreams, this side of heaven, is to take a coast-to-coast road trip – and take the entire summer to do it! But, since that doesn’t look like a possibility in the near future, we do the next best thing: vacation-length trips. Since we both work full-time and are far from being independently wealthy, vacation time is our window to the travel world.

One really fun trip we took last year was a whirlwind – boy, did we have white-line fever!  We did eleven states in two weeks, which meant we saw most of those states through the car windshield.  But see them we did!!!  And we even managed to get a bunch of fun photos too, and the memories we made are priceless to us. Some of the Oregon photos were taken on other trips; they’re just here to show some of the beauty that awaits should you visit Oregon.

Our first stop after leaving Oregon was Idaho. We visited some close friends in Jerome and worshipped with them on Sunday.  Our friend pastors the church, and his wife is a gifted singer and a GREAT mom.  They have a houseful of kids, and every one is a keeper!! I’m tellin’ ya, if you go to Jerome, you have GOT to visit that church and meet these folks. You’ll be blessed by the experience, I guarantee!

I have a “thing” about having our picture taken under state signs . . . I’m making a collection of them.  Hey – there are worse “things” to have a “thing” about, right?  Anyway, we meandered our way towards the Wyoming border.

I’ll just stop here for now.  Next stop: WYOMING!


5 thoughts on “Just Can’t Wait to Get Back on the Road Again!

  1. Thanks for sharing your talent with photography and your blessed road trip…..you are very fortunate to be able to experience these things with someone you love. ❤

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