Remember the last trip?  Well, we left Idaho and headed into the rugged beauty of Wyoming!

Pay no attention to the clothing we’re wearing under that Wyoming sign!  Just because it *happens* to be the same outfits in the Idaho picture does NOT mean we left on this trip without our luggage. It just means we’re frugal. Or that we took the pictures the same day. Either one – take your pick.

Ah, the great state of Wyoming. I love the Tetons.  Our destination was Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument, but we did at least take some time to enjoy the trip through this state.

We wanted to stay at the Pony Express Motel in Jackson, but alas, they were full. So, we went to Dubois and found a nice place. Another neat looking little town was Kinnear. Just so much to see! We need at least a couple of weeks to see Wyoming properly, but since we only had a couple of days, we sort of ‘skimmed the surface’ on our way through. Hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we enjoyed taking them!

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