South Dakota!


By the time I get this trip all posted, we’ll be on ANOTHER one!  But that’s OK – just more fun to share.

Let’s see, now . . . where did I leave off?  Oh yes, in Wyoming!  So, off we went from beautiful, rugged Wyoming, to beautiful, rugged South Dakota.  Now THAT’S a state to see!  We stopped first at Jewel Caves, and then in Custer for lunch. It was nice to have a server who knew her local history. She pointed out the cave in the hill across the road from the restaurant (we like sitting outside any time we can), and informed us of its history. Seems it was the first post office there in Custer, and some famous person (whose name escapes me at the moment) was the postmaster. She also said that it was under private ownership, and the owner had closed access to it because so many people were trashing it and taking artifacts from it without permission.  Well, there ya have it – once again, a few ruin it for all. Bummer. But at least we got to see it from a short distance.  I’ve been trying to find some history on it, but have been unsuccessful so far.  Any help??  I’d appreciate a pointer in the right direction to look for info!!

Our primary destination was originally Mt. Rushmore, but when we saw Crazy Horse, we went . . .  yup, you guessed it!

Why?  Cuz it was a.MA.zing!  I’m not exactly, 100% positive sure on this, but it looked to me like a couple of Mt. Rushmores would fit easily into Crazy Horse and have room to spare. Jes sayin’ . . . .  Well, anyway, Mt. Rushmore was fun, interesting, and a once in a lifetime trip (for me, anyway) – even the part about being eaten alive by all those sweat-lovin’, heat-lovin’ critters was *interesting*. That was an experience I was GLAD was once in a lifetime!! It was very hot that day, and my skin kept really itching.  I just scratched and wiped the sweat off my face and kept going, trying not to complain about the heat and the sticky, itchy feeling. I mean, after all, we get such a short summer season there in the Willamette Valley that I felt I should totally immerse myself in the whole clammy, summery, hot-sticky-itchy-sweaty-thirsty adventure. And immerse myself I did. But it wasn’t until after I finally voiced a *comment* – not a complaint! – about being so itchy, that I looked down at my arm to see what was making me itch so badly.  What did I see??

Critters! Little creepy, jumpy, itchy critters!

Well, naturally, I did what any sane, travel-savvy person would do.  I panicked.  Luckily for us, the other visitors at Mt. Rushmore were accustomed to the spectacle of sane, travel-savvy people in panic mode, and didn’t bat an eye (except to get the critters out of their eye, of course).  Hubby assured me the critters (a) were non-poisonous, and (b) wouldn’t eat very much of my skin.  I was relieved on both counts, and we continued our journey. 

After leaving Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore, we headed down the road to visit world-famous Wall, SD, and the equally famous Wall Drug.  I discovered that even the famous Wall Drug could use a spelling lesson!  But it was a fun experience.

Then on down, across the state to the southeast corner, to the one and only Pickstown, South Dakota.  Our friends pastor the community church there, and it was nice to visit them and their absolutely lovable dog Clyde. He ‘pastors’ too! They take him to the local nursing home, complete with his Therapy Dog collar, and he gives the residents such a lift. He’s very loving and gentle, and when they say, “Come on Clyde, it’s time to go to work,” he goes for his leash and collar! What a dog!!!

So . . . that’s a brief synopsis of our South Dakota experience.  I want to go back when Crazy Horse is completed, if it’s done in my lifetime and before the Lord comes back.  Maybe I’ll get better pictures next time around.  Hey, it could happen.

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