Mare-A-Thon and Movin’ On

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Well, I think we’ve about covered that last road trip marathon. I wonder, though – would it be called a marathon? Maybe a carathon? No, I’ll think of it as a mare-athon, because of all those horses under the hood of the car. 

Anyway, we made it from Wyoming to South Dakota in the last leg (Hoof?) of the journey, and found ourselves very briefly in Nebraska, just long enough to count as having been there. Iowa was the next destination, before heading up into hubby’s home state of Minnesota. Who would travel across 7 states to go to a State Fair for one day? Us.

And to the Minnesota State Fair we went! Hubby has always loved the MN State Fair, and wanted to have me share in that experience at least once. It was . . . fair. No, really, it was more than fair. It was fun!  But boy was it HOT!!!

Visiting family at their campsite in Wisconsin was next, then back over to Minnesota to visit other family members, and fish off their pontoon in their back yard. Yes, hubby’s brother is blessed to actually LIVE on a lake in Minnesota. But then, most people in Minnesota live either at the water’s edge or within spittin’ distance of a lake, so I guess that’s not an unusual thing there. But his place is so beautiful, for me it was really special. I mean, after all, it was there, on that trip, that I earned my nickname of The Fish Whisperer. I stopped counting at 10. We had SUCH a feast that night!! My brother-in-law really knows how to cook fish.

From Minnesota we headed over to Montana. There are a few pictures here, but I’ll just make the rest of Montana and North Dakota another post altogether – too many photos for this jaunt! 

(has anyone noticed how much I seem to love punctuation? Like exclamation points!! And dashes – and even . . . yep, don’t forget those! Just thought I’d ask)


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