Travel theme: Street Markets

Lately I’ve been finding a whole bunch of photo challenges on WordPress, and they ALL look so fun that I want to get in on the whole bunch! But since I probably won’t do that, I’ll try to limit my OCD to about 3 of the myriad of opportunities.

One I just found this weekend was from  Where’s My Backpack?  with a photo theme of street markets. What fun! And it  just. so. happened that we were heading out the door to a Saturday Market when I stumbled across her blog. MAJORLY fun!! (yah, I know, ‘majorly’ isn’t in the English-speaking dictionary, just in the LubbyGirl dictionary)

Anyway . . .  here are a few of the pictures I got while we were buying our strawberries and cucumbers and getting soaked by the sudden downpour.


2 thoughts on “Travel theme: Street Markets

  1. Yaay, beautiful photos, I LOVE the twigmeister! Those flowers look like Montbretia (that’s what we call them in Ireland at any rate) – the US calls them copper tips or falling stars I think – official name is Crocosmia and I think these particular ones are Crocosmia Lucifer 🙂

    • THAT’S what she called them – Crocosmia! I couldn’t remember what the lady (another shopper, not the one selling the flowers) told me when I stopped to admire them. Sometimes I measure my memory in micro-seconds. This was one of those times. Yes, and the Twigmeister (I got a photo of his sign too) does excellent work.

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