Twos Day

Window Salad Revisited

After much deliberation (a whole afternoon) and countless hours of studying blog sites with imaginative (and some not so much) titles and blogging ideas, I’ve decided to do my own blog challenge and call it Twos Day. And what day of the week would you think I’d be posting? Uhm . . . .

OK, so I’ve got that out of the way. Now, what do I mean by Twos Day? Pretty much things in twos. Either two photos that tell a story (like the one here), or a couple of ideas that popped into my head, or photos of two things – anything that will challenge me to think every Tuesday. That’s my day for not thinking, usually.  S O O O O . . . here’s my first Twos Day Post!!

I posted this picture on theREmissionary, about Window Salad

window salad, anyone?

Well, here it is in all its present glory!

it’s growing!!!

We’ve already started more window salad, by the way . . . I’ve got hubby hooked! 🙂


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