Morning, Noon, and Night

The camera is a wonderful invention. My eyes see the beauty around me, and the ugly, and the so-so. But the camera’s eye captures it all, and then my eyes can see it again and again. It brings those moments back, sometimes when I thought I’d totally forgotten it all.

The last few days I’ve been looking through the camera lens a lot, it seems. I’ve tried photos in the middle of the day, in the evening, and again in the morning, trying to get that ‘perfect’ shot. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but the pursuit sure has been fun!

I tried a couple of evening shots of different things.

evening flowers

headlights in the distance

in the woods, last light of the day

this one blurred somewhat, but I still like it

our neighbor’s horses, just before sunset

Well…OK…maybe more than a couple – but it was so much fun I just couldn’t stop myself. The morning ones were fun, too – especially on that foggy morning a couple of days ago. It sure didn’t look like near the end of July – more like the beginning of October!

one little goldfinch showed up for breakfast

foggy morning out our side door

even weeds look better in the fog

I tried a few in the middle of the day too, just to compare lighting. Now I don’t know which I like better – morning, noon, or night!

There are PEARS on that tree! Really!!

daytime weeds are just weeds

sometimes a red leaf is a dead leaf

Oh . . . I almost forgot. This week’s photo challenge is purple, and not a purple picture to ponder here! Reckon I’ll add one more, then – a beautiful sunset reflecting on some big clouds. They promised rain but never delivered.

That sky was purple and blue and orange and pink and yellow. The camera didn’t really capture the true beauty, but close!

On a closing note, I’ve been following a really cool site called Leanne Cole Photography, and she does amazing things with photographs. I love the way she does old houses. She inspired me to think about sharing some of my collection, because everywhere we travel I seem to get several pictures of old houses and barns. And, since our vacation is VERY quickly approaching, what better time to share some memories of days gone by.



We’re Goin’ In!

This week’s photo challenge has me really pondering. I have a few photos that say inside to me, but since it’s Twos Day today, I’ll only share two.

what’s inside a piece of driftwood at the Oregon coast

going inside a tree in the California Redwoods

I have wondered where that green came from in the tree photo. Any ideas on what makes it that color? I also noted that people had carved their initials in it – not a good thing! I hate to see these treasures defaced that way (the ‘lovinthetrip’ was added later – NOT carved in! 🙂 )

tut tut, looks like rain

This morning I woke up at an unpopular hour (for me, anyway) – 5:30!! And since I couldn’t get back to sleep, and we’re not quite ready for our next road trip, what better pastime (til the coffee is ready) than to take the camera outside and try to get a morning shot. Most of them were of the ho-hum variety, so I won’t share them. But I did get a couple of cloud shots, with the sun just coming up and reflecting on them. We’re pretty much surrounded by trees here, so I don’t get to actually SEE the sunrise. This is as close as I get from this spot.

It did look like rain, but the clouds fooled me. It reminded me of the verse about clouds with no rain.

Proverbs 25:14: Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

I’d rather be like the one the Lord spoke of in 2nd Samuel 23:4:

And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain.

There was some wind, and a lot of clouds, but now the sun is out and it looks as though we will NOT have rain after all.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share these morning shots. And dream of the coming road trip, where I can get a whole bunch of great shots, better than these I hope!

morning clouds

a window of hope through the clouds


As the Saying Goes

Today I want to try two photos – see if you can guess the saying I’m thinking of with these two. And tell me in the comments.