And So . . . It’s Come to This

End of the road. Home again.  What a variety of scenery!  This was one of our most fun trips, and we were tired but very happy when we got home. After North Dakota, we enjoyed a drive across Montana, but boy was it hard to find a motel room! There was a boom in the oil industry, I guess, because every single motel was BOOKED for miles and miles and miles (had the same problem in North Dakota, by the way). We did find one – count ’em, ONE – open room in a little motel called La Casa, and that was only because the oil worker that had it reserved didn’t show up that night, so they took pity on us and let us have the room. The next night we stayed in beautiful Coram, visited a Village Missions couple, got a specially guided tour of their church, and even got to join the Wednesday night Bible study.  Coram is right at the breathtaking Glacier National Park.

Leaving Coram, we headed down to Seeley Lake to visit other Village Missionaries for an hour or so, and then on the road again! We really wanted to visit Garnet, a ghost town we’d seen on the map. What a great side trip that was! We thought we were lost in the mountains, because the road we took went up, up, up, and then down, down, down – all of this was on a teeny, tiny, narrow dirt road, with NO guard rails on the side of that mountain. Whoooeeee, what a trip!!! But, oh the scenery. Breathtaking.

Ah, the joys of road trips. Open spaces. coyotes. long roads. old buildings. road signs. cities. farms. deserts and mountains and trees and rivers and – oh, what fun!!!  We enjoy these road trips so much, and Lord willing, we want to visit the Grand Canyon and areas of New Mexico this year.

I truly hope you enjoy these photos of our journeys as much as I enjoy sharing them. So, until the next trip – may the LORD bless and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.


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