Flowers in My Garden – I Wish!

One of the blogs I frequent, Where’s My Backpack?, has a weekly photo challenge that is ALWAYS fun! Last week’s was about flowers. *sigh* how I wish I could grow beautiful flowers. These are some I’d grow if I could. But the deer eat all my favorites and leave the ones I don’t like as much, so I kinda gave up on beautiful ones. About the best I can do is take pictures of them. When we were at our local Art in the Park, my very favorite nursery had his plants on display. And other green-thumbed, deerless people also had beauties to brag about. Now, if only I knew the names of all these lovelies. Can anybody help me??

they eat bugs – that’s all I know


2 thoughts on “Flowers in My Garden – I Wish!

    • Oh, so THAT’S what it’s called. It sure was impressive – and expensive! I didn’t buy it (I’d probably end up starving it to death), but I sure enjoyed looking at it. And I love those purple flowers!! I guess I’ll just have to go down to Daryl’s Nursery and ask him. 🙂

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