It Ain’t Graffiti – It’s ART!

I love these photo challenges I’ve been finding on WordPress – this one is a “travel theme: Art” challenge from Where’s My Backpack?. I missed it when it was posted a couple of months ago, but now I have a good use for those pictures I took of buildings in Dallas, Oregon. The artist, Kevin Kohler, has done several buildings, and this has really perked up downtown. I only got a couple of shots, but they showcase his art. Enjoy these, and if you ever come to Dallas, you can see all his work. He’s also done work on the Reed Opera House in Salem.

A ‘bite’ of Dallas history, on the side of Ugo’s Pizza, a long-time fixture in Dallas.

I believe this building once housed the Cynthian Cafe. Cynthian (or Cynthiana) was the original name of Dallas, which was later renamed after George M. Dallas, Vice-President under James K. Polk, for whom the county was named.

downtown Dallas, Oregon

The above mural is a look back to earlier days and simpler times. I found it interesting that all the faces look very similar – women AND men! At least, they do to me!! 🙂 I don’t know if the artist did that on purpose, or if that’s just the way he paints people. If you come here, you’ll also see a ‘family portrait’ mural on another building, and I guarantee you, they ALL LOOK ALIKE! It’s very odd to me, but also very interesting.


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