Going North and Getting Pickled

Remember yesterday when I waxed eloquent about that wonderful ball game, the beginning of our summer vacation adventure? Well . . . the adventure continues . . . .

The skyline I missed photographing at the ball game. No more leaving the camera behind!

Today, our second official day of vacation, we made a momentous decision. We decided against Victoria (our fifth destination choice), after considering our budget and the cost of the ferry one-way. All things considered, it may – or may not – have been our fifth sensible decision. But it’s done. Here we are in Barriere, BC, in a motel, after an ‘interesting’ day. Our GPS – which I have decided to dub Nasty Nellie – once again let us down. She tried really, really hard to get us off our designated destination by constantly suggesting alternate routes. Nellie can be really annoying. She not only gives us alternate suggestions – she does it with a snide little twist to her voice, especially when she says, “Recalculating!” Oh, but that’s not the worst of it. We really needed help through the mountains to a part of Canada we’d never driven through, and what does Nellie do? She finally SHUTS UP. And SHUTS DOWN. What a brat. Nellie the non-cooperative nincompoop. Fortunately hubby had his cell phone, which has a very obliging GPS that got us through that part, until the battery went down. Sigh Nellie was still thinking about whether to work or stay on strike. She’d gotten to about 99% sure she’d come alongside us and be our friend. Not so. At the last she simply shut down. And so did we. Hence, the motel for the night.

heading north into adventure

I was rather proud of hubby, though. He only took a couple of wrong turns off the main highway, and was able to recover quickly – even with my help. I was a bit stressed. Just a bit.

Yes, we do experience HOPE – just not this particular HOPE . . . yet!

We only took a couple of wrong turns here. Not so bad, eh?

It wasn’t so much the wrong turns and the Nasty Nellie fiasco. It was that hubby’s debit card was declined at a gas station, and I could not figure out why. Of course, I always think the worst first. Get it out of the way is my motto. I know, I know – wrong motto. I need to follow my own advice and PRAY first, analyze the situation second, and worry never. I’ll get to that point someday. Really. In the meantime, I tried my debit card at this motel, and it was OK. Whew! Why did I fret so much? Tomorrow I will try again to call the credit union and figure out hubby’s debit card woes. Maybe my cell phone will work by then. It could happen. Even with all these concerns, there was so much beauty to enjoy that I couldn’t stay immersed in worry and anxiety. These are only a fraction of the photos we took (aren’t you glad!).

the ‘Canadian’ Bridal Falls (another one is in Oregon, near Multnomah Falls)

the sun was glistening on the water so beautifully. I had to take the photo into the sun. Hard shot to get.

well-kept, working ranch – love this old barn!

this one looked abandoned – but . . . was it?

old buildings that are NOT abandoned

I love photos of old churches and barns and so forth!

Wish we could have gone inside – just one of the intriguing buildings we encounter on our trips

wish I’d laid a penny down beside this, to give proper perspective. Not much bigger than a penny, but OWIE if you kick it!

Anyway, I was all frettin’ and worryin’ and unable to concentrate on much – especially since I also had to (ahem) take care of certain necessities. We stopped at a petrol (I love how the Canadians call it petrol instead of gas) station, and when all was well, hubby got a cup of coffee. I asked if they took U.S. currency, and the gal said sure, but she didn’t know the exchange rate and would have to charge a little bit more. We were fine with that – he just wanted coffee. Then she said, “Oh – just take it.” I said, “You’re giving us the coffee?” “Yes, I’m allowed to give a certain amount away, and it’s OK. Go ahead, just take it.” I said, “Thank you so much. You must have known we’ve just had some challenges.” After receiving a nice smile and a “You’re welcome,” we went out to the car and regrouped.

Having an ice chest full of food helped too. Hubby is really, really smart. He’s a planner, and I so much appreciate it. He’d prepared sliced cheese, veggies, pickles, boiled eggs, fruit, jars of protein shakes, crackers, and wonderful little sandwiches made with spinach tortillas, cream cheese, and sliced turkey. Oh my goodness, such a bounty. After we finished the pickles and tomatoes (did I mention he thought of tomatoes?) and a few other goodies as we drove, I needed to empty the pickle juice. Don’t do this at home, folks – or while you’re driving. It just ain’t worth it.

Don’t let this happen to YOU!

So, here we are, day two of our vacation. Nellie is nasty, cell phone battery is dead, and we’re tired and hungry. Up ahead – what’s that? Could it be . . . it IS! It’s a motel, with wi-fi. We’re saved!

AAAHHH – a place to rest for the night!

Stay tuned – the adventure has just begun.


5 thoughts on “Going North and Getting Pickled

    • OH yeah!! We’re having a ball. Just returned to civilization from camping – really roughing it. No internet, no showers, no electricity. Did I mention no internet??

      • wow…sounds like pure paradise! We just got rid of our cell phones recently and it had been great! no tv, no cell phones…..lovin’ it!

      • Well, I’m not quite liberated yet. I still have my cell phone, but no TV. It kinda feels like liberation, though, because my cell phone gets used very, very little – sometimes I forget I have one! 🙂

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