And The Trip Goes On . . . .

Hi there – I’ve been having fun on this trip and just wanted to share it with you. My people have been having fun too, but that’s not my fault.

Here’s what happened. I was going along, minding my own business like a good GPS, and giving perfectly good directions – when all of a sudden I hear myself being maligned. Called names. Even turned off! They accused me of being a Grumpy Prissy Scatterbrain, instead of what I truly am: a Gentle Persuasion System. True story – she called me NASTY NELLIE!  Just because I knew a faster way to their destination than they did, and tried my BEST to point it out. But would they listen? NOOOO . . . they thought I was being mean and nasty and uncooperative. Hmph!  What did it matter that my way was a dirt road that became a private road, with access by invitation only? It was the shortest! They could have requested an invitation and gone a little slower over the potholes and around the boulders.  What a couple of lazy bums.

Oh – and there was that little episode where I got lost. That wasn’t my fault either. You’d be lost too if you hadn’t had any input from the Mother Ship for a couple of hours and kept trying to contact Command Center for help. I’m telling you, as I tried to tell them, THERE IS NO SIGNAL! I CANNOT FIND MY WAY! Do you think my people were concerned for my welfare? Do you think they tried to understand that I simply needed a little communication from the home office? Not. I could hear them in the background crying, “What is the matter with this thing? Why doesn’t it work? It says it’s calculating, but it’s just sitting there. Oh, yeah, look at that – now it’s shut itself down, just when we need it the most!” Could I help it if I was distracted and distraught? I just couldn’t think about that right then – I decided I’d think about it tomorrow and take a nap. So – I did!

Honestly, you’d think these people would appreciate the beauty of the areas where I directed them. Isn’t a vacation all about having adventure and seeing things you’ve not seen before? Where’s the adventure in a direct route to your final destination?? Here’s what they would have missed, if I’d listened to THEM and gone directly to Fox Creek.

Tomorrow I’ll let LubbyGirl have her say, and share all the fun shots of where she and hubby visited . . . the camping trip, the shopping mall trip, and anything else she wants to share. Today was MY turn, and I’ve had fun. Hope you have too!!

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