Return to Lake Louise

Well, we didn’t exactly return to Lake Louise, per se. We just stopped by and got a few more photos while the sky was clear. And the place was PACKED! It was really hard to get a clear shot of the lake, one without various body parts intruding. I got one with someone’s elbow, another with a kid’s head, and various and sundry others with backsides, hips, and one with a whole gang of photo hogs. Oh well, there were at least two good ones, which made the whole excursion worthwhile. Last time we were at Lake Louise (a few years ago), the day was cloudy and overcast, and the top of the mountain was shrouded in clouds.

sure wish the sky had been bluer, but that’s OK. At least the lake was green.

another view of the lake, with a little of the blue showing in the sky

That was the extent of our stay at Lake Louise. We stopped back by Deer Lodge, but just couldn’t go that high rate for one night this time (about $240, and then add the tax!). Oh well, not to worry – lots of other places down the road. We debated whether to just get that one at Deer Lodge, or check out the next one just past Deer Lodge – or simply head on down the road and do something else. We did something else. We stopped in Golden, on the way to Revelstoke.  And, naturally, I got a few photos along the way. These were by the Spiral Tunnels, in BC.

just before the Spiral Tunnels

love those mountains behind us!

Spiral Tunnels

We stopped in a little town called Field, which appears to be an old railway town. There was one (count ’em, ONE) room available in that entire little hamlet – at the paltry rate of $196 for a single – and then add tax.  Uhm…yah no. Leaving Field, we discovered a lovely stream that I believe was called Finn River, or something like that. It was almost that same green as Lake Louise, but it seemed to change with the light. I had to get a few photos of it.

the little hamlet of Field

see that beautiful green color?

looking downstream

From there we kept driving, and ended up here in Golden. This room was a bit more reasonable, even though there were no amenities to speak of. The hot tub wasn’t working, and it would’ve cost an extra $30 for a room with jacuzzi. Nope. Not gonna happen. We took the un-amenity room and were glad to get it. A restaurant in town took care of the tummy grumblies, and we are all settled in for a night’s hibernation. ZZZZZZZ

We did enjoy watching the terrain change as we left Edmonton this morning and headed south. The landscape went from almost flat to gently rolling, and then the mountains became visible in the distance as we passed Red Deer and headed toward Calgary. What an amazing view as we continued south, then turned westward toward Banff and Lake Louise. It seemed those mountains just popped right up in front of us! The beauty of this area takes my breath away every time I come through it. Nothing changed this time – lots of oohs and aahs continually escaped these lips. Good thing hubby did ALL the driving today!

mountains are barely visible, near Red Deer

never heard a roadside rest stop called a “Stopping House” before

still mostly flat, with some rolling hills

now the mountains are getting more visible – past Red Deer, heading to Calgary

more old barns, just north of Calgary

another of those birds I keep seeing and still don’t know what they are

look at that rock! split right down the middle for the road

just before Golden – getting late, and hubby is tired of driving

Well, y’all, that’s today in a nutshell. Or in a wordpress shell. Lord willing, we’ll have more fun tomorrow. Today was mostly a driveathon, with very little diversion other than stopping here and there for photos. That in itself is fun for me, but not such a great attraction to others I’m sure. Suits us, though. 🙂


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