Here we come, Revelstoke, gallopin’ all the way. At least, the horses under the hood are galloping – we’re just hangin’ on for the ride!

Last time we were at Revelstoke was a few years ago, and we didn’t get to see a lot that time. This time we got a room right downtown, and have walked all over the place today. And I got a few really cool shots for this week’s photo challenge. Since we’re obviously not at home to take pictures of our own hometown urban sights, I hope these will suffice. I love these bikes, and this cute little doggy in the doorway. I assume he’s supposed to be in the front of the restaurant where we found him, instead of in this back door off the kitchen. Then there was the door – I love to get pictures of interesting doors! This one had the paint peeling in a very artistic way.

bike rental in Revelstoke

how embarrassing – put out the back door, just because I dropped my tray

what’s behind the blue door?

We also noted these beautiful metal fish sculptures. Quite impressive!

one of the first things we took note of while walking around town

across the street from the first sculpture

We like to walk in the residential parts of towns and look at houses. As we walked down one street that looked like a dead end, we just had to stop and look at a huge piece of equipment on a flatbed trailer in front of a house. I naturally snapped a couple of photos, as hubby reminisced of the days when he had done metal work.

biggest press I have EVER seen!

the thing that makes the press run

Right about then, a fellow walked out of the house and started telling us all about his find. He’d just bought these pieces at an auction and was excited to tell us all about them, since he saw us stop to admire them. As we talked, we discovered that this was the artist who had done the metal sculptures we’d just been admiring and photographing in the downtown area.

James Karthein: the fellow who is going to make that thing work!

Imagine that – we had found the artist! So of course I had to ask him if I could photograph him, and he was quite happy for me to introduce him here. His name is James Karthein, of Ridgeline Metal Works. Here is his website: James and his co-artist, Kevin Kratz, also have a sculpture of a blue heron, called Patient Hunter, entered in a metal works art contest in Castlegar. You can find his entry in the Castlegar Sculpture Walk at this link: I went to the site and looked at the sculpture – it’s a fine work of art, with each feather lovingly crafted individually. I hope they win!

That’s about it for today, but tomorrow I have GOT to share some of the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. Oh . . . one more thing. We stopped at a roadside rest to take pictures and have a snack, and a fellow pulled up on his bike. We then stopped down the road at an old growth nature walk to take that in, and who comes riding in on his bike – not 15 minutes after we got there? Yes, the cyclist from the roadside rest. OK, that’s fine – we’re all interested in the same things, it seems. We get to Revelstoke, park, get a hotel room, and sit down at a sidewalk cafe to enjoy the scenery and a cup of coffee. Uh huh. Same fellow comes riding up. Just as I snapped a photo of the flower bed in front of the cafe, he passed by.  I told hubby, “There he is again! He just rode through my picture!” In the hotel lobby as we were heading out for dinner . . . yep. Same fellow, checking into the same hotel. Hmmmmmm…….

well, hello again!

Check back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel. 🙂


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