Back in the U. S. S. R. !

Huh? Back in the U.S.S.R.??  Oh . . . guess I’d better ‘splain that; it means Back in the United States So Relieved! Not that I have anything against being in a foreign country, mind you. We totally enjoyed our time in Canada, and are ready for the next adventure.  B U T – we are also glad to be back on the home soil. “Coming home” has a certain ring to it that is like no other phrase in the English language. Those two words evoke a myriad of feelings. Safety . . . relief . . . familiarity . . . family . . . confidence . . . hope . . . need I continue?

Vacation is only half over, but we’re ready for a different adventure now. Maybe “adventure” isn’t quite accurate – more like we’re ready for an un-adventure. I am, anyway – hubby may still be rarin’ to go, but I doubt it, since he’s done ALL the driving the last two days. I think he would like a break too. Next phase? Hide out at home for a couple of days (shhhhh…don’t tell anybody), then run up & down the coast with Spencer the Wonder Dog. I’m sure our doggy-sitting friend is as anxious as we are to welcome Spencer home. I can just hear the welcome now ……….. “woof, woof, aaahhhhOOOOOH, grrrrRUFFF, yip yip yippee yip yip yippee!” And, of course, I’m sure Spencer will add his welcome to that!

Yesterday I had a notion to post a whole bunch of pictures from the last few days. Then I had a second thought – maybe not.

“Oh, go ahead, you know you want to!”

OK, you talked me into it – see how easily persuaded I am? The Canadian Rockies are! There was a small forest fire after we left Golden and before we got to the Rogers Pass Centre. I think the current firefighting plan in the national parks is to let the fire burn itself out if at all possible – or so the tour guide at the Three Valley Museum we toured informed us.  Anyway, the fire apparently burned itself out with no visible effect on park traffic or revenue – we made it all the way through without being detoured or turned back. Whew! And now – on with the show!! Albeit a very short one, as I am totally wiped out and too pooped to pucker. Tired, in other words. Good night….ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lord willing, I’ll have a little more to share tomorrow or the next day. Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-tour of Canada. 🙂


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