It Happens Everyday, No Matter What You Say….

When I read the subject matter of this week’s photo challenge, Everyday Life, I thought of that old song by Tom Jones, “It’s Not Unusual.” Not that I listen to Tom Jones – that was in my heathen dog days. But some brain sludge just doesn’t go away. Ever. I gotta admit, though, it was a catchy tune!

But that’s not what this particular post is all about – it’s about the things we see happening around us every day – the mundane and the meaningful, the boring and the beautiful, the awful and the amazing. However, since most of my 5000+ photos tend to deal with scenery, I found it rather difficult to find anything that really fit this theme. But hey, I just keep pressing on!

do you see what I see?

When we were in California a couple of years ago, we drove through a lot of towns, big and small. Lone Pine, near Mt. Whitney, was one such town. It was almost dark, and I couldn’t resist getting a shot of the evening scene. So much happening in that picture, even though at first glance it looked like just another street shot. Up in the right corner is a guy staring down into the street from the motel balcony, pondering the meaning of life as he smoked his cigarette. Folks wandered around the streets, peering in shop windows. A pedestrian in pink was crossing the street, lost in thought but hopefully not in direction. I watched her and hoped she knew where she was going. I wondered if it was just to the bar to drown her sorrows, or to that rock shop to find a souvenir, or maybe even to the diner for a cuppa joe and a slice of pie. I tend to apply stories to scenes when I don’t know what’s REALLY happening. I’m easily entertained, makes life so much more fun.

it’s just a little wave, kinda like this…you’ll be fine. Now give it a shot!

Another fun thing in California was to watch the boogie boarders and the surfers – things folks do every day there, kinda like going to school or down to the corner market. I actually tried that boogie boarding – got my boogie on, I guess you’d say. 🙂 Some folks do this for a LIVING! Me? I won’t quit my day job.

ship in the water, surfers on the shore, sun going down. beautiful!

Not everybody surfs and boogie-boards in California, but enough did that it seemed like an everyday way of life for just about everyone. The rest of us (ahem) just watch. Or grab our cameras and photograph other people watching people doing stuff. Gotta share the Hollywood scene! I don’t know if that guy was taking pictures of the sidewalk stars with his phone, or texting, or what – but whatever he was doing, he was intent!

I’m comin’ – just let me get this one shot first

When we were at Newport, Oregon, we walked by where they were processing the day’s catch. Some fellows in very colorful garb were hard at work. I didn’t ask them for any details – they looked pretty intent, so it would’ve been rude to interrupt them for a blog-post interview. Right?? Besides, I don’t think they’d had lunch yet, and a hungry fisherman should NEVER be annoyed by curious tourists.

hey, you gonna eat that?

What do you see in your everyday (and not so everyday) adventures? If you’d like to see what folks from all over the world have shared of their daily routines, just visit the link above and enjoy the ride. As for me, I’m lovin the trip!!!


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