Paper Scissors Rock – and Dinner Rolls

But jelly donut.

Just thought I’d share that finding. It can’t be unfounded, because I found it. Not that anybody needed to hear it – but it did complete my daily diet of wit & wisdom. It’s gratuitous input – no charge. Free. Take it or leave it. Leave a fiver with it, though, if you must leave it – or, better yet, take it with that grain of salt over there by the door. Makes it more palatable, I suppose – or else why would we always be taking stuff with grains of salt?? Or sticking our tongues in our cheeks when we tell something? That only tends to make the tongue sore and the words a bit garbled, and certainly doesn’t improve the quality of the delivery!

Do you ever get in a frame of mind where all those sillies just roll around and dribble behind your eyeballs, and get your funny-cells all stirred up in your brain? Happens to me all the time. There I’ll be, minding my own business, doing my job or talking to my husband or reading a book, and I can feel it start. There’s this little “snick-snicker-snerk-POP” and some silly word game or pretzel thought gets all snarled up inside and around my serious brain-cells. Well, there goes MY day. I’m off into my own little world, making up words or trying odd combinations of otherwise perfectly sane and coherent phrases.  Who’d a thunk it – dinner rolls!

It’s late, my mind is generating its own fog bank, and my tongue is permanently stuck in my cheek. Owie. I should’ve bitten it when I had the chance! Too late now.

I know, in my serious moments, that my original intent tonight was to share our day trip to Silver Falls and its immediate vicinity, but somehow those pretzel thoughts took over and twisted the others up with them. Perhaps this would be better left until tomorrow, when my proper thinking cap will once again be firmly planted on the back of my head, and I’ll have conquered all pretzels with my paper scissors. All will be well in the land of Gnawed…er…Nod….oh, I give up. Good night.

but it was a fun trip


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