B I G – really, really B I G

In our travels, we’ve come across some big things, and some REALLY big things – and some REALLY, REALLY BIG things. And people. But mostly things. The really big people we’ve encountered were big-hearted, not big-bodied. I just want to clarify that right here, right now.

Do ya like drive-through…diners…coffee…trees?

In California we just had to drive through this tree – what a fun thing to do! 

tree hugger

And hubby had to give another one a hug, just for being there and making us feel so good.

Santa Cruz – Big Trashy

But also in California, we saw a beautiful beach at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and the biggest thing I noticed were half-empty trash cans, with the trash on the beach all around them. Sad – BIG sad.

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon

In Oregon there are two Haystack Rocks, one in Cannon Beach and one in Pacific City. This one was in Cannon Beach, and it was BIG. So is the one in Pacific City, but I didn’t have a picture of that one.

Paris – Big Art!

In Paris, oh the beautiful buildings! I would spend an entire week at the Louvre if I could, it is so B I G ! ! But as I only got to spend one day, I tried to get as many photos as they would allow. Some were pretty…uhm…not so good. Others were better.

big cat say big M E O W

And in Kentucky, I just had to get a picture of my friend’s cat – I did manage to get the entire cat into the picture, but I had to stand back a little. That is the actual size – no Photoshop tricks here. That’s her son holding the cat, and he isn’t a small guy. Jes sayin….

Big city, big beauty

Seattle is a beautiful city, in places. This is one of those places, I think. It was a clear, freshly exhilirating day, and I tried to get a shot of the skyline that at least somewhat indicated the size of the city. I realize it’s not New York City, but then . . . it’s not Possom Holler, either.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial – Gateway to the West

We also took a trip to St. Louis, MO, and had to go up into the Arch. The actual name is the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, more commonly known as the Arch, or Gateway to the West. What a trip! Wow!! was all I could say. We went right to the top – I have pictures from there too. So many pictures, so little time!! Maybe another time for those.

bring out the BIG GUNS

One more little side trip of mine (before I met hubby): in Hawaii at the U.S.S. Missouri. Those are the BIG GUNS.

Our travels are very special to us, and sharing them with y’all is special too. We’ve been blessed to see quite a bit of the U.S.A., and I was blessed that one time to see a little of Europe. I just wish I’d gotten more photos, but I was a total novice and had a borrowed camera, and no real idea of how to work a digital (I’d never had one before). That flung a cravin’ on me for learning photography  – but it didn’t provide the training necessary to indulge that cravin’. I’m having to find that on my own – that’s why I surf the blog world, seeing what everybody else is doing and trying to learn something. So, have fun with these, go visit the link to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge (Big), and see what other folks see as big.

OH – Here’s one more B I G for ya!

Big nose, big hat, big happy


10 thoughts on “B I G – really, really B I G

      • Yes, blessed for sure! Your pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them!
        And Paris?! I would love to see more pictures! { maybe I just haven’t found them yet } =)

      • I actually haven’t posted any others of Paris. Yet. That was in 2006, when I had no idea what blogging meant. Our group went to Switzerland to do childcare for Cadence International, with a side trip to Paris. We all shared our photos so everybody got a lot. Perhaps I’ll do a post on that sometime. Thanks so much for coming and looking around!

    • Aren’t those amazing – I need to go back over to PC and get a picture of the other Haystack Rock. I think it’s actually bigger than this one. At least I see it in my mind as bigger.

  1. I’ve looked at a ton of “big” entries this week and yours is by far the most impressive! How about that “treeport,” yeah? Who’d EVER imagine a car could fit in a trunk???!!! Or the ENORMO rock that’s really a mountain it’s so BIG!! I’ve got to do some research on that one…can’t imagine how it formed!!
    ‘m SO thrilled you commented on my blog! If not for your visit I might’nt have found a great new person to follow!

    • aw shucks – now I’ve gone bright red! Hey, that could work for the writing challenge, huh? It’s all about color this week. 🙂 And thank you SO MUCH for the comment and for the follow. I sincerely appreciate it, and hope I don’t let you down.

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