The Journey Has Just Begun

I have three (count ’em) blogs. Not overkill, just a lot of stuff to share. 🙂 Tonight I discovered that WordPress had issued a midweek photo challenge, asking us to share a photo of ourselves doing what inspired us to blog. We love road trips, so that’s what inspired this blog. But, as I’m usually the one behind the camera, it took some planning to get in front of it long enough to record a moment in history: that moment when I actually LOOKED at the map without making any marks on it!

Is that such a big deal? Well, to my hubby it is. I discovered that shortly after the first trip we took together as newlyweds. Now, mind you, a map is printed with the express intention of encouraging the traveler to mark their route with highlighters – right?? We were in the car, blissfully leaving our cares locked in our house and driving away from them as fast as we could, when it happened. I was soooooo happy, sitting there in the passenger (AKA copilot) seat, tracing the path to our destination with my trusty yellow marker. Hubby looked over and observed my yellow-penned copilot pose, and gasped audibly.

Did you just mark on my map? I cannot BELIEVE you marked on my map.

I played along (after all, everybody marks on their maps…right? heh heh heh).

Oh no, I marked on your map. Now you’ll have to shoot me or cut off my allowance. What a shocking thing to do!
Wait til I tell my brothers. They will not believe you did that.
No, please – don’t tell your brothers. They’ll never let me play with you again. They’ll never let me in their houses. They’ll cut me off from the family. They’ll hide all their maps when we come over.

Now, people, how long do you think it took me to figure out he was SERIOUS! I kid. you. NOT. I did not figure this out for at least six months. That says two things: one, he is very laid-back and doesn’t get angry easily; and two, I’m very laid-back and don’t grasp the seriousness of situations easily. 

I have my own maps now. We’re very happy.



The Green Machine

This week’s photo challenge has made me turn green. But not with envy, though – with fun! I went through a ‘few’ of my pictures, and found some that represent green to me. Enjoy! And share your green thoughts too, why doncha – just follow the link up there (you know, where it says photo challenge). Now, if I can get that gallery thing to work right so I don’t turn red with anger! 🙂

Travel Theme: Bright

I missed the last travel theme on halloween – on purpose. I don’t acknowledge that day, but I just had to get in on this one at Where’s My Backpack, all about bright stuff. I like bright. I have about a zillion and ten bright photos, so which one to choose?? which one to choose??

After much deliberation, I have settled on these. One is a shameless plug for tortilla warmers and oven mitts that I make to raise money for missions. The other is of some flowers we had in our front yard – they are history, but they sure were pretty while they lasted!

So now it’s your turn. What bright photo ideas do you have to share??