The Green Machine

This week’s photo challenge has made me turn green. But not with envy, though – with fun! I went through a ‘few’ of my pictures, and found some that represent green to me. Enjoy! And share your green thoughts too, why doncha – just follow the link up there (you know, where it says photo challenge). Now, if I can get that gallery thing to work right so I don’t turn red with anger! 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Green Machine

      • They look like they might be morning glories. I missed the cornstalks in that picture. The blue against the green is really pretty. The building behind the grapes, with the cornfield beyond … I would definitely like to go there. Does she live in Tennessee, too?

      • No, she’s in IL. I don’t live in TN either – just wish I did. 🙂 And I do believe they are morning glories. I was calling them cornflowers in my mind, but I knew that wasn’t right…just cuz they grow around corn. 🙂

  1. Cool! I never thought of a green church spire and I’m pretty sure I had one I could have used. This is what’s great about the challenges is seeing everyone else’s ideas. Ya’ did good.


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