Howdy pardner

This week’s photo challenge is “Surprise.”  Well, I love surprises! And here’s one for you … jes thought I’d mosey on by and swap howdies with ya. So, here’s my howdy. Got one fer me?

my name's Howdy - what's yours?

my name’s Howdy – what’s yours?


Twinkle, twinkle, little eye

Twinkle, twinkle, little eye,
How I wonder why you cry.
Life is good and life is bad –
That’s no cause to be so sad.
Take a look, you’re not alone;
You have a twin – you two are one!
So rest your eyelids, say good night,
Put those lonely thoughts to flight.
Now, twinkle, twinkle, little eyes –
Shine together – oh, that’s nice!!

(Thought I’d try out this weekly writing challenge, “Just Do It,” but naturally I forgot on all my posts to provide a link to that challenge! So here it is!)

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

The weekly photo challenge is all about the changing of the seasons. I feel like I’m going through a change in the seasons of my life, but that’s a story for another time, another place. For today, these shots from a couple of years ago bring the change of the seasons of time to my mind. I remember when my flowers were coming up so beautifully, and then one morning I went out to find them sporting snowy caps and cloaks. The plum trees were budding, and the grass had shot up to at least a foot tall in the field.

Then in the fall, some of the trees were clinging to their green, while others had noticed the change in the air and were preparing for their winter coats. I love fall colors, mixed with the last hues of summer green. What says change of the season to you?

what should I wear today? white, green, or yellow?

what should I wear today? white, green, or yellow?

Reflections on Days Gone By

Ever have times in your life when you look back on days gone by? Yah, we all have them, I’m sure. Ever wonder what it would be like for the you of today to meet the you of yesterday? Kinda weird, actually.

It reminded me of something I heard a pastor once say, about why there will be tears in heaven, and why they will be wiped away by our Lord. He said he thought the tears would come when the person we are meets the person we could have been, if we would have followed the Lord fully while here on this ol’ earth. I tend to believe that. But he also said he thought that one of the most joyous moments would be when the Lord removes all remembrance of former times, and wipes those tears away, Ah, what a thing to look forward to – a day of no regrets. Oh, yeah – looking forward to THAT!!

So, while thinking about this week’s WordPress photo challenge of Reflections, I “introduced” myself to myself. Old self, meet young self. Do the two of you still have anything in common?

swappin' howdies