Reflections on Days Gone By

Ever have times in your life when you look back on days gone by? Yah, we all have them, I’m sure. Ever wonder what it would be like for the you of today to meet the you of yesterday? Kinda weird, actually.

It reminded me of something I heard a pastor once say, about why there will be tears in heaven, and why they will be wiped away by our Lord. He said he thought the tears would come when the person we are meets the person we could have been, if we would have followed the Lord fully while here on this ol’ earth. I tend to believe that. But he also said he thought that one of the most joyous moments would be when the Lord removes all remembrance of former times, and wipes those tears away, Ah, what a thing to look forward to – a day of no regrets. Oh, yeah – looking forward to THAT!!

So, while thinking about this week’s WordPress photo challenge of Reflections, I “introduced” myself to myself. Old self, meet young self. Do the two of you still have anything in common?

swappin' howdies


8 thoughts on “Reflections on Days Gone By

    • Yeah…there were a ton (well, I didn’t actually weigh them to verify this statement) of great photos folks posted of water and so forth. I just gotta be different! 🙂

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