Puggy Love

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is about love … getting prepared for Valentine’s Day, no doubt. This is a photo I took while visiting hubby’s daughter a few years ago. These are her two pugs, who absolutely adored each other. One is now deceased, a very sad story, but he sure left a legacy of love behind. They were having a lot of fun just wrestling and playing. No, they’re not puppies here; puppy love is nice – but puggy love is forever!


My Ramblin’ Rose to New Heights

Well, I just opened my email, and the new Daily Prompt was something about writing for ten minutes and then hitting “Publish.” Man, that could lead to some ‘interesting’ reading! I tend to ramble a LOT in my thoughts, and often need to corral all those stray chickens (japanese chickens at that) to make anything I say coherent. Well, that ain’t a gonna happen in this post, I reckon.

Now I bet you’re wondering what in the world a japanese chicken is. Well, I’m just about to tell you. 😆 Wait – did I tell you this one before? Maybe. Oh well, for those who may have missed that little bright spot in my writing, here it is again. The story of the japanese chicken. Read on. I know, it appears to have nothing to do with the title set forth here with such enthusiasm and self-confidence. But read on, you’ll see.

Now for that story. Well, about . . . oh . . . 11 years ago (or thereabouts), I was sitting at my kitchen table with my friend and two of her kids. We’d been sitting there talking for roughly an hour, having a GRAND ol’ time, when all of a sudden – right in the MIDDLE of one of my best stories – her 12-year-old son pushed back in his chair, tapped his fingers on the table, and said, “Yep, japanese chickens.”

Naturally, that statement put an abrupt stop to whatever juicy tidbit of news I’d been sharing at that point. His mother and I both stopped (me talking and her listening) and looked at him, mouths agape and eyes bugged out. I think we even said in unison, “What?”

He then set his chair back to its proper position, made a great show of looking at his watch, and made a very astute observation. He said, “Well, it’s like this. We’ve been here about an hour, and you guys have been talking since we got here. The conversation started out talking about Japanese stuff, and now you’re talking about chickens. I just wondered how you got from Japanese to chickens all in the same conversation, and without missing a beat.”

And that, my friends, is how the term “japanese chickens” was born. It means a conversation (or in this case, a post) that can go from one subject to many, many other totally unrelated subjects, smoothly and without interruption, and in the end make total sense to the persons involved.

And that is the end.

Share the Love, Spread Some Sunshine

thank you, Maddie!!!

I always seem to run late on stuff. Case in point: I got a really cool, sweet notice in my comments awhile back, and then (dingbat that I am sometimes) forgot to follow up on it until tonight. As the saying goes (which I rarely use, but it seems to fit here), “My Bad!” So, Maddie Cochere, I’m trying to catch up on stuff now. Please forgive me for being so s-l-o-w.

There are rules to accepting these awards, I have discovered. For this one, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to pass it on or not. There are many folks on WordPress that I think are wonderful enough to nominate for a LOT of awards, but they don’t really want awards, so I’ll just answer the questions that were listed, thank Maddie for nominating me, and call it good.

So, here are the questions I’m supposed to answer:

1. What is your favorite song? Too many to list here!

2. What was the last thing you ate? Dinner

3. Do you prefer to read from an eReader or a paper copy? PAPER!! but then, I enjoy my Kindle too, so….

4. List your five favorite movies? five? Uhm … lemme see … Faith Like Potatoes, Fireproof, Up, the entire I Love Lucy series, all the old Andy Griffith series (do these count as movies??)

5. What writing project are you working on now? This post

6. Are you allergic to anything? Yes

7. Do you have any real life stories that start with, “This one time at camp…” Oh my goodness – do I have stories!! You should HEAR them!!!

8. How do you handle telemarketers? I let them talk to my answering machine and then delete the message.

9. When was the last time you wrote someone a letter by hand and mailed it? Does a Christmas card count? If not, then … uhm …

10. Besides writing, do you have any other artsy talents? love sewing, drawing, cardmaking (a latent talent right now, sadly) … and other fun stuff. Hubby wishes I liked cooking more.

11. What is your favorite joke?
 One that my friend’s kids told me when they were about 3 and 5, about a redhead and a blonde (they were a redhead and a blonde!!) – do you want to hear it? The thing that made it funny wasn’t the joke, but who was telling it, and what color their hair was. I still laugh, 20 years later, about this one.

Well, folks, there ya have it – my entire life story spread out for all to read. OK, that may be stretching it just a wee tiny itty bitty bit. I did leave out a few details – like, the story of my birth – didn’t I? I’ll correct that right here: one day in the middle of the night, many years ago, I was born. I was almost late, but made it just in time for my birthday. I’ve been late for everything else ever since.