Where Did the Time Go?

Last Friday’s photo challenge was about the year 2012 in pictures. Where did the time go? I cannot believe it’s already 2013 … well … that’s not an entirely accurate statement. I can believe it, I just don’t want to believe it. I mean, it’s a fact, right? So I have to believe it, whether I want to or not. Facts are facts, and my belief in them (or lack thereof) does absolutely nothing to add to nor detract from that. So, I guess it really is the New Year. And there was Times Square, dropping the ball – again. And there was a nation of night owls, watching it drop – again. Why does watching a national “drop the ball” ceremony elicit such celebration and festivities? Do we understand the result of that action? If we do, why are we celebrating?

Ah, yes, I know – it’s not the ball-drop that sets us to rejoicing and partying – it’s that unquenchable, God-given hope that lies within the human breast breaking forth. We’re always hoping that the next day, the next year, even the next century, will bring something better than the one just finished. We look back on the previous year, often with more disappointments than promises, and hope that maybe this year will be different. Maybe this year things will go better. Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t, but the hope is there. That makes me really, really glad that my eternal hope does not rely on dropping the ball for the New Year. My eternal hope is in something far more solid than fleeting circumstances. Something that will be there when the ball really DOES drop, and this ol’ world throws in the towel and hangs up the harness. We’re done here, but the eternal, heavenly hope never ends. Yay!!!!! Without that hope, I don’t think I would make it long in this life.

Now that I’ve waxed philosophical, here is how I’ve passed my days this past year. I didn’t begin blogging until March, but there were plenty of other things to do before then. It was hard to find photos to represent the entire year, but the quest was sure fun!!  It’s been a fairly calm, peaceful year for the most part, for which I am very grateful. We didn’t take as many road trips as I’d like, but the ones we did take were FUN, FUN, and more FUN. And the other stuff we did when not taking road trips was fun too. Hope you enjoy! 😆

And, since the only resolution I have EVER made is to not make resolutions, I probably won’t be doing that photo challenge, but this one was fun enough for two weeks’ worth! 🙂


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