I’m A Lumi National

I’m not from around here.  To you earthlings, I would be an alien. I am known as ≤¿≥, a <*^*> from a Lumi nation – which, strangely enough, speaks English with a slightly southern accent. My  <*^*> home, named Solar Perplexus, is on the tiny planet Spenceria near the Dog Star.

We are a <*^*> of varied intelligence and talents. Our greatest asset is our love of light. We clasp it, grasp it, share it, wear it, and even exude it from our ^*^ in all directions, especially when we’re very excited. It has always been our greatest protection too, as our enemies cannot abide in the light. They’re those little #/# monsters. Ugly creatures, every one. But I don’t worry about them. I have the advantage – I’m not afraid of the dark, but they are afraid of the light.

Now, if you came to visit my planet, you might see lights of all sorts, and maybe even think you recognize some of them. They may LOOK like things you have here on this planet, but don’t be fooled. They’re the real <*^*> homegrown specimens. For the benefit of you mere earthlings, I’ll share a few of my favorite lights. No, I didn’t copy you, earthling – you copied me!

Each item pictured here represents a different aspect of life in our <*^*> culture. See if you can guess what they are. No peeking at the description until you’ve guessed!

8 thoughts on “I’m A Lumi National

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