Three hundred sixty-five days . . . and counting


Yep. One year ago. Before that, I knew nothing about living in Blogland. I knew it was there, because I had a few blogs I followed quite regularly. But to actually MOVE there, take up residence, and invite people into my personal blogspace?? Wasn’t happenin! Until last year, when I made THE MOVE.

I got notice today that I’d just celebrated my first anniversary with WordPress. And I didn’t even show up for the party! My invitation (self-issued, of course) said my party was on March 12, the same day as my anniversary on the job. I guess I’ll have to start reading that calendar a little more carefully in the future. I could’ve missed out on this party completely!! What a cryin’ shame that would be.

So, to continue the celebration right up until when I *thought* I was having an anniversary, I’ve decided to give something away on each of my blogs. On the REmissionary, I’m giving a handmade purse (that one open to USA only); on Don’t Carry the Donkey!, I’m giving two handmade bookmarks (open to anyone who comments). What should I give on this one??

I know!! Hubby has been sending out really strong signals lately that he’d like me to take over the cooking again, so I’ll honor that request by giving away a tortilla warmer. I hope the winner likes tortillas … one of our favorite foods, by the way – they’re so versatile.

me gustan las tortillas

me gustan las tortillas

So, here’s what to do, if you’d like a chance at winning this. First, leave a comment here saying you’d like to win. Then, go visit my other two blogs and leave a comment. Share this on Facebook, etc., and tell me you did. This is open to USA residents only. After I get a feel for this, I may do another giveaway and have it open to anyone. For now, though, please forgive me for having to limit this.

I’ll choose a winner on each blog March 5 after 5:00 p.m. PST, and the things will be mailed March 12 – since I had that date fixed in my mind to start with.


5 thoughts on “Three hundred sixty-five days . . . and counting

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