old future

I haven’t done one of these photo challenges this whole month (it’s Phoneography Month, I’m told), mainly because I have a troglodyte phone that sports a neanderthal camera. On second thought … that’s not a fair comparison. See, neanderthal pictures were actually better, because they were probably done in charcoal. Photos taken with my phone are usually unrecognizable in any ordinary sense of the word – like a nearsighted person’s view of mountains without their glasses. Oh. wait. Mountains don’t wear glasses … OK then … like I see things when I’m not wearing my glasses. My phone suffers from chronic blurrisy.

SOOOOO anyway … since I wanted to get in at least ONE short shot before the month is over, I decided to just share this one from one of our trips a few years ago – NOT taken with my phone. Even something as dead as an old stump can often contribute to the future of something else!

old life, new life

old life, new life

What says Old Future to you?


5 thoughts on “old future

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