This week’s photo challenge made me want to take another road trip. Hubby took this shot a few years ago at the butterfly farm. Well … I don’t know if you’d actually call it a ‘farm’ – but it seemed to fit. I mean, it’s a place where they grow butterflies, so that’s kinda sorta like a farm, right?

butterflies and backpacks
The photo challenge was to make the foreground or the background the focus instead of the person, so this picture seemed to fit that. Hubby was snapping a shot of the vegetation when I walked by in the background, and I just stopped and spaced out, watching him snap the picture. I really loved all the vegetation at this place!

OH – and one more thing (yep, I watched Columbo!). I just today noticed that little bug on the tip of the grass, kinda right over from the right side of my head. The things I miss when I first look at pictures!! 😆


Do you see what I see?

These Friday Foto (or…is it…Phriday Photo? I dunno) Challenges sometimes catch my attention. This one about patterns is pretty cool. Or hot. Lukewarm? Whatever the temp, I thought it was worth a stab this week. I took this picture a few years ago, and I love the pattern on the butterfly’s wings. Squint at it, and you’ll see the menacing face of danger! Or … maybe not. Maybe I’m the only one who sees that – but see it I did! Honest!! I think the LORD gave the butterfly that pattern as a deterrent to would-be attackers.

The pattern of the leaves also really caught my eye.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite photos fotos pictures. Hope you like it too!

friend or foe?

“do you feel a thinking draft coming on?” yeth, I do

thinkin' boots

I was just reading the latest ‘thing’ about drafts from Cheri of WordPress, called “ghosts in your dashboard.” I had a thought – and it was a good one – about that very thing. But I didn’t put it in draft form, so now it’s gone.

So, to get the inspirational juices stirred back up, I decided to read a few of the posts people had done on this drafty subject. The very first one I read made me smile big-time! It was from a site called Prayers and Promises, and it got me to really thinking. About thinking. And writing down what I’m thinking when I’m thinking it. See, sometimes I think in draft form. I try an idea out in my mind. I move the words around, and put one on the bench and send another one in to finish the play, and then grab it back out just as it’s about to slam dunk – and then wonder why the whole thought went south on me at the last minute.

Reading one of the lines in her post:

“Haven’t you ever startled a thought and then forgot what you were trying to say?”

made me think about thoughts. Which made me think about writing a post about thoughts. Which led to posting a comment about thinking.

I have more than once crept up on a thought and took it by surprise. But more often, it sneaks up on my blind side and startles me so much I forget what I was thinking beforehand, and if I don’t write it down right then, it hurtles itself out of my mind as fast as it came in. Thoughts hit me quite often when I have my head turned and don’t see them coming.

And that, my friends, is why I use the Draft function in WordPress!