there’s a new day comin’

Life changes . . . long shadows.

Those can occur in the morning or the evening. Life changes in the morning – a new day, a new adventure. Then comes the evening . . . memories of time past, reliving those new adventures from the morning. Both long shadows have a place in our lives. One points us to the future, the other reminds us of what’s gone by. Learn from the past, live for the future, enjoy the present. It’s a gift from the Lord – that’s why it’s called the Present. (I heard that somewhere . . . it’s not an original thought, but it’s a good thought!)

How did I suddenly become a philosopher?? I guess those long evening shadows bring out the ponderous in me. Oh. Wait. Not the ponderous – the ponderer. Yeah, that’s it. Last night I was walking around on the property, taking in the last rays of the sun and the last days before leaving here. It made me both nostalgic and excited at the same time. How does that happen?


3 thoughts on “there’s a new day comin’

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