Do the Hokey-Sneaky

So, WordPress Daily Prompt . . . do folks follow you around? Do they hang on your every word, waiting to get their Pavlov on? Yeah? Well, sometimes I do – and sometimes I don’t. Pretty definitive answer, right? That’s me – always with a definite maybe. You had an interesting one on Friday, I will admit, earnestly desiring my honest opinion. “Tell me,” you were heard to ask (I have very good hearing in my left prompt-ear), “do you think I’m sneaky, or hokey, or both? Do I irritate you at all? Do you really want me around? Am I any help to you at all in your deep desire to become a well-rounded, accomplished blogger?” Well, the answer is yes. But since we were gone Friday and Saturday, dear prompt, today is the first chance I’ve had to honestly answer your questions. I just wanted you to know I listened, I understood what you were asking, and I fully intended to respond. Just not on the day you asked me.

You may wonder what was so important that it took my concentration completely off you and your concern for my mastery of the written word. Well, it’s this way. Friday was work. It’s not as exciting as staying home with you, but it pays the bills and retains access to the internet, and feeds the body that feeds the mind that feeds the flame of creativity – the one that you are working so hard to develop in me. And after that, I needed to meet with friends and unwind the body that unwinds the mind that feeds the flame of creativity – the flame you are helping me develop.

And yesterday. Well.

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the State Fair. I took only the vital necessities – phone, ID, debit card, and Fun Fund. No computer, no camera. It was just too hot to lug that big camera around, and where would I stash my laptop as I was walking around? That’s right, dear Daily Prompt – no lap to park the laptop atop.  So I got no writing done, and the only picture I took was of the beautiful necklace my sweet hubby bought me. He picked out the setting, and even chose the oyster that had the two pearls in it! Whattaguy!!!

Can you believe it? I wrote not one single word. All day. I took not one single photo. All day. But the one I took when we got home was worth waiting for, and now I’m sharing it with you. I just wanted you to understand that I do think of you while I’m away from you, dear DP, and you are a help to me, even when it seems I’m ignoring you.

So, to answer your question, what do I think about you? Yep, you’re hokey – I mean that in the best sort of way, of course! Yep, sometimes you’re a little sneaky – oh, did I say that out loud?? But in the end, you’re a welcome companion, so keep coming around, day after day after day after – oh, shiny thing!!! Did I show you my shiny thing? Here it is!!

oh, look – shiny thing!!


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