Heron business or pleasure?

Well, that was unexpected. As we sat in the dining room playing a rousing game of Scrabble, Steve looked out the window just in time to see a great blue heron land on the tree by the creek. He stayed for a long time, giving me a chance to take about a gazillion and ten pictures – only a few of which I will share here, to your great relief.

After a few minutes, that big ol’ bird flew down to the creek and went wading. He found a nice, shallow spot and just stood there staring into the water. His patience was rewarded shortly, with a big fat fish for his dinner. But wouldn’t you know it, he caught that thing just as I looked at the camera to check the settings. Major bummer!

Well, he was back the next day, so I guess he feels right at home in our back yard.

(Watch the REmissionary for another photo of this guy, and an attempt at haiku. Soon.)


2 thoughts on “Heron business or pleasure?

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