This says spring to me!

(for the weekly photo challenge, “Spring!”)


Heron business or pleasure?

Well, that was unexpected. As we sat in the dining room playing a rousing game of Scrabble, Steve looked out the window just in time to see a great blue heron land on the tree by the creek. He stayed for a long time, giving me a chance to take about a gazillion and ten pictures – only a few of which I will share here, to your great relief.

After a few minutes, that big ol’ bird flew down to the creek and went wading. He found a nice, shallow spot and just stood there staring into the water. His patience was rewarded shortly, with a big fat fish for his dinner. But wouldn’t you know it, he caught that thing just as I looked at the camera to check the settings. Major bummer!

Well, he was back the next day, so I guess he feels right at home in our back yard.

(Watch the REmissionary for another photo of this guy, and an attempt at haiku. Soon.)

a rose among the ivy

Look what popped its gorgeous head up out of the ivy yesterday! This is a reminder of the joys that await us at every turn in this new place. I thought, at first glance, that all we had in the back yard was ivy. It covered pretty much everything. But as we’re gradually getting it pulled out and under control, we keep finding wonderful buried treasure. The light was just wonderful, glowing on the top of this rose. I wish I could have captured that glow, but this is the best I could do.

foreshadow?? AFTERGLOW!!

I saw that this week’s WordPress photo challenge is about foreshadow. I think that would apply to our current status as the new kids on the block, something I’d talked about in another post, when we were preparing to move.

Well, the new day I wrote about in that post is here . . . actually . . . it got here about three weeks ago. We’re all moved – if you don’t count the boxes still unpacked in the sewing room (yes, I have a sewing room!) and in the shop (yes, hubby has a shop!). We’re feeling blessed, and a lot less stressed.

What’s happenin’ in your neck of the woods? Or . . . in your block in the city? Take me on a journey through your back yard and down the street.

As for our back yard, there is more to it now than when we first moved in. The more we cut back the long-ignored overgrowth, the more yard we discover. We even found some treasures! At least to me they’re treasures. And they’ll be even better when we get them scraped and painted, and the light fixed so it will stay where it belongs! And when we see if that cistern-looking thingy actually works. For now, we’re enjoying getting the place in order, and hubby is enjoying taking short cooling off periods out the back fence . . . yup, that’s a creek right out the back door.